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Francesco Janich

Italian Footballer

Born: Mar 27,1937

Died: Dec 02,2019(aged 82)

Andrew Clements

American Writer

Born: May 29,1949

Died: Nov 29,2019(aged 70)

Atilla Engin

Turkish-American Musician

Born: Jan 01,1946

Died: Nov 02,2019(aged 73)

Minoru Yoneyama

Japanese Businessman, Founder Of Yonex

Born: Oct 15,1924

Died: Nov 11,2019(aged 95)

Hans Aabech

Danish Footballer

Born: Nov 01,1948

Died: Jan 08,2018(aged 69)

Chandra Kaluarachchi

Sri Lankan Actress

Born: Apr 06,1943

Died: Nov 01,2019(aged 76)

Vera Clemente

Puerto Rican Philanthropist

Born: Mar 07,1941

Died: Nov 16,2019(aged 78)

Elizabeth Arrieta

Uruguayan Politician And Engineer

Born: Nov 30,1961

Died: Nov 30,2019(aged 58)

Namut Dai

Indian Teacher

Born: Jan 01,1954

Died: Nov 10,2019(aged 65)

Alexis Arquette

American Actress, Cabaret Performer And Activist

Born: Jul 28,1969

Died: Sep 11,2016(aged 47)

Aubrey Kuruppu

Sri Lankan Cricketer

Born: Mar 11,1945

Died: Oct 11,2019(aged 74)

Ian Cross

New Zealand Writer

Born: Nov 06,1925

Died: Nov 03,2019(aged 93)

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