Antti Rantakangas

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Antti Rantakangas - Tukiryhmä. a year ago. ·. 14.6K Views. 98. 0:16. Antti Rantakangas 116. a year ago. ·. 12.2K Views. 32. 1:41. Antti Rantakankaan vaalivideo ...
Nov 26, 2019 · Kansanedustaja Antti Rantakangas (kesk) löydettiin perjantaina kuolleena asunnostaan Helsingissä. Rantakangas oli kuollessaan 55-vuotias.

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Antti Rantakangas. Kansanedustajana 24.03.1999–22.11.2019.
Antti Rantakangas, Self: A-talk. Antti Rantakangas was born on February 28, 1964 in Pulkkila, Finland. He died on November 22, 2019.
Antti Matinpoika Rantakangas was born on month day 1807, at birth place, to Matti Matinpoika Savolainen, Rantakangas and Anna Heikintytär Rantakangas ...
Antti Rantakangas (February 28, 1964, Pulkkila - November 22, 2019) was a Finnish politician. He was elected to the Parliament of Finland in 1999 and died in ...

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