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A coroner is a government official who is empowered to conduct or order an inquest into the manner or cause of death, and to investigate or confirm the identity of an unknown person who has been found dead within the coroner's jurisdiction. The Coroner · Coroner's jury · Coroner (disambiguation) · Category:Coroners
A coroner is responsible for the dead bodies that come into the morgue. If the death seems suspicious, they begin an investigation into the cause of death.
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Nov 2, 2017 · Coroner Career Video Transcript. Coroners are medical detectives. They work with other ...Duration: 1:18 Posted: Nov 2, 2017
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Coroner, a public official whose principal duty in modern times is to inquire, with the help of a jury, into any death that appears to be unnatural. Coroner. Court. Medical examiner.
Sep 21, 2017 · A Medical Examiner is a licensed forensic pathologist who investigates suspicious deaths. A coroner is an elected or appointed public official ...
Video for Coroners
Oct 25, 2016 · Coroners perform or supervise autopsies and highly specialized lab tests. When a coroner is ...Duration: 1:19 Posted: Oct 25, 2016
Nov 17, 2020 · Sample of reported job titles: Coroner, Coroner Investigator, County Coroner, County Medical Examiner, Deputy Coroner, District Medical ...

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