Defia Tirta Ayu Kencana

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Since it was established in 1990, Lekki Conservation Centre has emerged as one of Africa's most conspicuous modern nature parks, known for its diversity. The ...
Fakultas Teknik & Ilmu Komputer / Dyah Ayu Megawaty, M.Kom. ... S.E., M.M., Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis / Defia Riski Anggraini, S.E., M.Si. Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis / Dwi Tirta Kencana, S.E., M.S.Ak,, Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis ...
Defia Tirta Ayu Kencana terima kasih atas motivasi, semangat dan doanya. 12. Teman-teman seperjuanganku, Fauzul, Rahmat, Suryo, Nurdin, Prima dan.

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Fiorella Negro

Italian Figure Skater

Born: May 26,1938

Died: Nov 07,2019(aged 81)

Marina Ripa di Meana

Italian Actress And Writer

Born: Oct 21,1941

Died: Jan 04,2018(aged 76)

Rita Crocker Clements

First Lady Of Texas

Born: Oct 30,1931

Died: Jan 06,2018(aged 86)

Papa Camara

Guinean Footballer And Coach

Born: Nov 30,1950

Died: Jan 04,2018(aged 67)

Louis Lareng

French Politician

Born: Apr 08,1923

Died: Nov 03,2019(aged 96)

Werner Kutzelnigg

Austrian Chemist

Born: Sep 10,1933

Died: Nov 24,2019(aged 86)

Ali Kadhim

Iraqi Footballer

Born: Jan 01,1949

Died: Jan 02,2018(aged 69)

Joseph Anthony Irudayaraj

Indian Priest And Bishop

Born: Oct 04,1935

Died: Jan 01,2019(aged 83)

Norodom Buppha Devi

Princess Of Cambodia

Born: Jan 08,1943

Died: Nov 18,2019(aged 76)

Keith McKenzie (Australian footballer)

Australian Rules Footballer And Coach

Born: Apr 26,1922

Died: Jan 08,2018(aged 95)

Juan Orrego-Salas

Chilean Musician

Born: Jan 18,1919

Died: Nov 24,2019(aged 100)

Sauryavong Savang

Laotian Prince

Born: Jan 22,1937

Died: Jan 02,2018(aged 80)

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