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13 hours ago · Dr James Muecke's work preventing blindness and raising awareness of Type 2 diabetes has ...Duration: 2:26 Posted: 13 hours ago
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1 day ago · An eye surgeon who has dedicated his career to fighting blindness has been recognised as the ...Duration: 2:55 Posted: 1 day ago
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22 hours ago · Dr James Muecke — the 2020 Australian of the Year — has described his whirlwind achievement ...Duration: 6:03 Posted: 22 hours ago
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1 day ago · Australian of the Year recipient Dr James Muecke has praised the courageous firefighters and ...Duration: 4:34 Posted: 1 day ago
1 day ago · South Australian Dr James Muecke has been named 2020 Australian of the Year for his work in preventing blindness that impacts 1 in 10 ...
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19 hours ago · The 2020 Australian of the Year Dr James Muecke AM speaks to the media after the awards ...Duration: 3:26 Posted: 19 hours ago
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15 hours ago · Congratulations to Australian of the Year, Dr James Muecke AM Dr James Muecke AM is ...Duration: 2:53 Posted: 15 hours ago

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