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About the Common Eider. Breeding. Common eiders are circumpolar in their range, breeding along the coastline of Alaska, nearly the entire coastline of Hudson ...
In North America it breeds along the Arctic coast from Alaska to Greenland and along most of the northern Hudson Bay shoreline. King eiders generally nest in ...
Origin of eider. 1735–45; <Icelandic æthar (in 18th century spelled ædar), genitive singular of æthur eider duck, in phrase ædar dūnn down of the eider duck; ...

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Bob Bailey (baseball)

American Baseball Player

Born: Oct 13,1942

Died: Jan 09,2018(aged 75)

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Born: Feb 16,1924

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Lyndon Wainwright

British Meteorologist And Dancer

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Vytautas Zabiela

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Italian Volleyball Player

Born: Aug 05,1951

Died: Nov 16,2019(aged 68)

John Curro

Australian Conductor, Violist And Musical Director

Born: Dec 06,1932

Died: Nov 06,2019(aged 86)

Qiu Shusen

Chinese Historian

Born: Jan 01,1937

Died: Jan 01,2019(aged 82)

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