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Apr 30, 2020 · What is an epidemic? · when an infectious agent (such as a virus) suddenly becomes much more prevalent in an area where it already existed ...
an epidemic occurs when an infectious disease spreads rapidly to many people. for example, in 2003, the severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars) epidemic ...
APIC helps you understand epidemics, pandemics, and outbreaks. We also ... An epidemic occurs when an infectious disease spreads rapidly to many people.
Pandemic, epidemic diseases · Public health interventions · Networks and initiatives · Disease outbreak news · Travel advice · Managing epidemics · You are here:.
COVID-19 Worldwide Dashboard - WHO Live World Statistics

A COVID-19 dashboard is available providing up to date data from around the world. Showing the latest stats and information related to COVID-19. Official WHO website. Recommendation from WHO. Advice for the public. Learn about Coronavirus.

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Junko Tabei

Japanese Mountain Climber

Born: Sep 22,1939

Died: Oct 20,2016(aged 77)

Nimish Pilankar

Indian Sound Editor

Born: Nov 30,1994

Died: Nov 24,2019(aged 24)

Shrivallabh Vyas

Indian Actor

Born: Nov 30,1957

Died: Jan 07,2018(aged 60)

Ralph T. ONeal

British Virgin Islands Politician

Born: Dec 15,1933

Died: Nov 11,2019(aged 85)

Ferdinando Imposimato

Italian Lawyer

Born: Apr 09,1936

Died: Jan 02,2018(aged 81)

Adnan Pachachi

Iraqi Politician

Born: May 14,1923

Died: Nov 17,2019(aged 96)

Romuald DSouza

Indian Jesuit Priest

Born: Dec 20,1925

Died: Nov 01,2019(aged 93)

Grethe G. Fossum

Norwegian Politician

Born: Nov 01,1945

Died: Nov 29,2019(aged 74)

Jim Wiste

Canadian Ice Hockey Player

Born: Feb 18,1946

Died: Jan 02,2018(aged 71)

Georges Gutelman

Belgian Engineer And Businessperson

Born: Dec 06,1938

Died: Nov 05,2019(aged 80)

Marcel Mart

Luxembourgian Politician (1927-2019)

Born: May 10,1927

Died: Nov 15,2019(aged 92)

Anatoly Krutikov

Russian Footballer

Born: Sep 21,1933

Died: Nov 08,2019(aged 86)

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