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2 days ago · It is no surprise that she chose Sergio Hudson, a Black designer originally from South Carolina, to celebrate Harris's historic inauguration to ...
2 days ago · "Every Black woman understands the difference between Michelle's 2017 messy ponytail and the 2021 laid weave," writer and founder of For ...
21 hours ago · Michelle Obama's longtime makeup artist Carl Ray breaks down the 2021 Inauguration beauty look he created the former First Lady using ...
19 hours ago · Michelle Obama's Stylist Explained The Meaning Behind The Former First Lady's Inauguration Look. “What I want ... Posted on January 21, 2021, at 7:33 p.m. ET.
1 day ago · January 20, 2021. 3. The message behind Michelle Obama's inauguration outfit. January 20, 2021. The mane moment was made possible by ...
2 days ago · Former first lady Michelle Obama is still earning praise for her headline-making ... Inauguration 2021: Women are wearing pearls and Converse ...

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Yehoshua Porath

Israeli Historian

Born: Jan 01,1938

Died: Nov 24,2019(aged 81)

Milton P. Rice

American Lawyer

Born: Sep 30,1920

Died: Jan 01,2018(aged 97)

Tom Lyle

American Comic Artist

Born: Nov 02,1953

Died: Nov 19,2019(aged 66)

David M. Madden

American Mayor

Born: Nov 30,1953

Died: Nov 04,2019(aged 65)

Robert Lyon (British Army officer)

British Army Officer

Born: Oct 24,1923

Died: Nov 13,2019(aged 96)

Ragnar Ulstein

Norwegian Journalist

Born: Apr 19,1920

Died: Dec 03,2019(aged 99)

Andre Emmett

American Basketball Player

Born: Aug 27,1982

Died: Sep 23,2019(aged 37)

Anthony Grundy

American Basketball Player

Born: Apr 15,1979

Died: Nov 14,2019(aged 40)

Regina Tyshkevich

Belarusian Mathematiciain

Born: Oct 30,1929

Died: Nov 17,2019(aged 90)

Jean Fergusson

British Actress

Born: Dec 20,1944

Died: Nov 14,2019(aged 74)

Sandile Dikeni

South African Poet

Born: Nov 06,1966

Died: Nov 09,2019(aged 53)

Markku Into

Finnish Poet

Born: Oct 20,1945

Died: Jan 07,2018(aged 72)

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