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2009. Labeo rohita. In Cultured aquatic species fact sheets. Text by Jena, J.K. Edited and compiled by Valerio Crespi and Michael New. CD-ROM (multilingual).
Tariqilabeo (subgenus of Labeo) Mirza & Saboohi 1990: 405. Type species: Masc. Labeo macmahoni Zugmayer 1912. Type by original designation (also ...
Scientific Name, English Name, Distribution, Max. Length (cm), Year. Labeo alluaudi, Africa, 13.5 SL, 1933. Labeo alticentralis, Africa, 12.6 SL, 1997.
Adults inhabit rivers (Ref. 4832). A diurnal species and usually solitary. They burrow occasionally. Feed on plants. Spawning season generally coincides with  ...
Characteristics of Bacterial Isolates from the Gut of Freshwater Fish, Labeo rohita that May be Useful as Potential Probiotic Bacteria. Giri SS(1), Sukumaran V(2), ...
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