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Our Stay is Over:

Dois I. Rosser Jr.

American Businessperson

Born: Aug 12,1921

Died: Nov 12,2019(aged 98)

Gene G. Abdallah

American Politician

Born: Jul 16,1936

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Dave Toschi

American Police Detective

Born: Jul 11,1931

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American Painter

Born: Nov 30,1934

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Paddy Harte

Irish Politician

Born: Jul 26,1931

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American Politician

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Indian Politician

Born: Nov 30,1964

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Fred Bongusto

Italian Singer

Born: Apr 06,1935

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Cyril Robinson (footballer)

English Footballer

Born: Mar 04,1929

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Anthony Grundy

American Basketball Player

Born: Apr 15,1979

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Les Campbell

English Footballer

Born: Jul 26,1935

Died: Nov 10,2019(aged 84)

Jean Douchet

French Film Critic

Born: Jan 19,1929

Died: Nov 22,2019(aged 90)

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