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Sindh (Sindhi: سنڌ) is a province in Pakistan. The capital of Sindh is Karachi. Sindh has a population of 30 million people and an area of 54,407 mi² or ( 140,914 ... Country: Pakistan Established: 1 July 1970 Largest city: Karachi Main Language(s): Sindhi (Provincial); Urdu (National); English (Official); Other: Punjabi, Pashto, Balochi, Saraiki
Rules & Ordinance/ قوانین اور آرڈیننس. The Draft Sindh Local Government Act 2013; Final Bidding Documents for Works by SPPRA · Sindh Government Rules of ...
Pakistan consists of four provinces. Its second largest province is known as Sindh with its capital in Karachi , which is not only the most populous metropolis of ...
Sindh, also spelled Sind, province of southeastern Pakistan. It is bordered by the provinces of Balochistān on the west and north, Punjab on the northeast, the ...
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Luigi Alberto Bianchi

Italian Violinist And Violist

Born: Jan 01,1945

Died: Jan 03,2018(aged 73)

Gilles Fontaine

Canadian Astrophysicist

Born: Aug 13,1948

Died: Nov 01,2019(aged 71)

Sallie McFague

American Feminist And Theologian

Born: Jan 01,1933

Died: Nov 15,2019(aged 86)

Gene G. Abdallah

American Politician

Born: Jul 16,1936

Died: Nov 02,2019(aged 83)

William R. Ojala

American Politician

Born: Jan 23,1925

Died: Jan 06,2018(aged 92)

Elza Brandeisz

Born: Sep 18,1907

Died: Jan 06,2018(aged 110)

Rob Garrison

American Actor

Born: Jan 23,1960

Died: Sep 27,2019(aged 59)

Harry Morton (restaurateur)

American Restaurateur

Born: Apr 07,1981

Died: Nov 23,2019(aged 38)

Regina Tyshkevich

Belarusian Mathematiciain

Born: Oct 30,1929

Died: Nov 17,2019(aged 90)

Alfred E. Smith IV

American Businessman

Born: May 24,1951

Died: Nov 20,2019(aged 68)

Olly Croft

British Darts Administrator

Born: Nov 17,1929

Died: Nov 23,2019(aged 90)

Gary Rhodes

British Chef

Born: Apr 22,1960

Died: Nov 26,2019(aged 59)

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