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SPREO is a leading developer of indoor positioning technology. The company uses Bluetooth beacon and Wi-Fi signal fingerprinting, inertial sensor fusion, map  ...
Spreo is an alternative genus of starling in the family Sturnidae. They are now usually lumped in the genus Lamprotornis. It contains the following species: ...
The latest Tweets from SPREO (@SPREOco). SPREO offers a cloud-based, location-aware IoT platform and CMS for enterprise and service providers.
NBC Affiliate WFLA in Tampa Bay did a news feature on the Mall at UTC app, powered by SPREO indoor navigation and positioning technology. Check out the  ...

Our Stay is Over:

George Springate

Canadian Politician

Born: May 12,1938

Died: Nov 21,2019(aged 81)

Serafino Sprovieri

Italian Catholic Arcibishop

Born: May 18,1930

Died: Jan 03,2018(aged 87)

Lech Szczucki

Polish Historian

Born: Jan 01,1933

Died: Nov 19,2019(aged 86)

Doug Young (actor)

American Voice Actor

Born: Dec 21,1919

Died: Jan 07,2018(aged 98)

Noel Ignatiev

American Historian

Born: Dec 27,1940

Died: Nov 09,2019(aged 78)

Johannes Schaaf

German Film And Stage Director

Born: Apr 07,1933

Died: Nov 01,2019(aged 86)

Stuart Fitzsimmons

British Skier

Born: Jan 01,1956

Died: Nov 11,2019(aged 63)

Philip Eden

Weather Journalist

Born: Jul 14,1951

Died: Jan 04,2018(aged 66)

Luke Perry

American Actor (1966-2019)

Born: Oct 11,1966

Died: Mar 04,2019(aged 52)

Andrea Newman

British Writer

Born: Jan 01,1938

Died: Nov 09,2019(aged 81)

Jim Coates

American Baseball Player

Born: Aug 04,1932

Died: Nov 16,2019(aged 87)

Howard Cruse

American Cartoonist

Born: May 02,1944

Died: Nov 26,2019(aged 75)

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