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Video for Worlds
Sep 25, 2020 · The Play-In Stage kicks off in Shanghai, China. Learn more and view the full Worlds 2020 ...Duration: 2:24 Posted: Sep 25, 2020
Video for Worlds
Sep 10, 2020 · Worlds 2020 begins September 25th. See which teams will kick it off at the Play- In Draw Show ...Duration: 2:40 Posted: Sep 10, 2020

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Our Stay is Over:

Jasper Griffin

British Classical Scholar

Born: May 29,1937

Died: Nov 22,2019(aged 82)

Adnan Pachachi

Iraqi Politician

Born: May 14,1923

Died: Nov 17,2019(aged 96)

Wolfgang Treu (cinematographer)

German Cinematographer

Born: Apr 12,1930

Died: Jan 01,2018(aged 87)

Merle Haggard

American Country Music Song Writer, Singer And Musician

Born: Apr 06,1937

Died: Apr 06,2016(aged 79)

Heriberto Hermes

American Priest

Born: May 25,1933

Died: Jan 03,2018(aged 84)

Dwight Ritchie

Australian Boxer

Born: Feb 29,1992

Died: Nov 09,2019(aged 27)

John Curro

Australian Conductor, Violist And Musical Director

Born: Dec 06,1932

Died: Nov 06,2019(aged 86)

Georges Gutelman

Belgian Engineer And Businessperson

Born: Dec 06,1938

Died: Nov 05,2019(aged 80)

Gail McIntosh

New Zealand Politician

Born: Jan 01,1955

Died: Jan 04,2018(aged 63)

Kieran Modra

Australian Cyclist

Born: Mar 27,1972

Died: Nov 13,2019(aged 47)

Jan Nygren

Swedish Actor And Voice Actor

Born: Apr 10,1934

Died: Nov 28,2019(aged 85)

Zulkarnain Karim

Indonesian Politician

Born: Dec 02,1949

Died: Jan 01,2019(aged 69)

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