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Dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries. 'the resurgence of racism and xenophobia'. More example sentences.
Xenophobia has its roots in fear — literally. Phobia comes from the Greek word meaning "fear." Given that the fear in question is of strangers, it makes sense that  ...
' Race, nation, ethnicity, and culture are such concepts. In social and political reality, xenophobia manifests itself in accordance with the division of the world into ...

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Prince Of Kingdom Of The Two Sicilies (1929-2019)

Born: Jan 20,1929

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Maltese Bishop

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Australian Cricketer

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Irish Judge And Barrister

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Canadian Politician

Born: May 12,1938

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Indian Politician

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Bangladeshi Poet And Architect

Born: Jan 31,1943

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